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Save Energy & Extend Roof Life

GDH Construction offers professional attic ventilation and insulation services for your home. It’s important to have proper attic insulation and venting for 2 reasons. Keeping your attic temperature regulated will save energy and prolong the life of your roof. Blown-in attic insulation will keep your attic warm in the winter, decreasing heat loss and saving on heating energy. Proper attic ventilation will keep your roof cool in the warm months, saving you energy on cooling and extending the life of your roof.
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Save Energy Attic Insulation & Roof Vents
GDH Roof Vent Installation Services

Roof Vent Installation

Attic ventilation is critical to save energy & protect your roof. GDH provides roof vent installation to regulate attic temperature and reduce moisture. GDH installed several types of roof vents that work together. To let cool air into your attic, we will install soffit vents at the low points. Then we will install ridge vents, or exhaust vents, at the peaks of your attic to let hot air out. This combination promotes air circulation to regulate your attic temperature and humidity. If your attic is hot and humid, give us a call to inspect it and recommend a solution.

Attic Fan Installation

For many homes, just using roof vents isn’t enough. If you have attic roof vents and your attic is still hot and humid, your home needs attic fans installed. Where roof vents are a passive solution to attic air circulation, attic fans are an active solution. GDH installs both electric-powered attic fans and solar-powered attic fans. Installing attic fans provides much better air circulation in your attic. This amounts to a reduction in cooling costs and reduces damage to your roof and home caused by hot and humid attics.

GDH Attic Fan Installation Services
GDH Attic Insulation Services

Attic Insulation

Your goal in the winter is to keep heat in your house. Your attic is one of the biggest sources of heat loss. To decrease heat loss in the winter, GDH offers blown-in attic insulation services. Insulating your attic will save you a lot of money in heating costs throughout the winter. The cost of blown in attic insulation is low compared to the amount you will save on energy heating your home. If your attic is cold in the winter and you’re interesting in saving energy, get a free quote below for home attic insulation services.

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